1. nice, i like it.
    i’ve been a little boring this week with food. I made a pot of burrito filling consisting of: whole grain rice (a blend of two of the mixes that are available at EF), Black Beans and Chicken…oh, and the chipotle peppers (omg, I’m gonna die of the nightshades!!!) 😉

    i have to say that I probably overdid it with the whole grain rices…i won’t get into details but, not enough mastication for the saliva to break through the vegetable matter…

    but, it was good…and overall healthy, imo. a bit heavy in carbs but…i don’t sit at a desk (nothing personal..i just don’t sit at a desk).

    your research and commentary has convinced me to add fish oil in.

  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I found this when searching if Black Beans are Paleo or not. I’ve recently started Crossfit (October to date) and the most interesting thing about it is the nutrition plans generally associated with the CF program. A lot of different opinions about what is, or is not, and what is acceptable, or not acceptable. So far I’ve found that it’s what works for you, your budget, and provides you with a steady increase in performance.

    Thank you for this article and I look forward to reading more from this website.

    Sincerely, your fellow Crossfit athlete,


  3. Great post. I actually read the whole thing. I’m following a dogmatic paleo approach right now but plan to re-introduce foods once I’ve established a baseline of nutrition. Your post makes a lot of sense to me and speaks to what I always believed: If you want to eat healthy look at the french. Lots of good stuff in small bite sized amounts including lots of fat, but denying yourself nothing.

    The only reason I am being dogmatic now is to eliminate SAD foods that no frog would ever consider eating, and getting my digestion in order. Then after this it’s off to eating the highest quality diet I can cook and afford.

  4. BTW your avatars have some crazy streching effect going on in firefox browser (and probably others)

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