Working it Out

I procrastinate by writing a little blog entry in which I speculate that maybe one of the reasons I am so stressed out these days is because I procrastinate so much.

Bear Country

The WOD known as “Bear Country” comes back around. 3 rounds of 5 bear complex cycles and max rep pull-ups. Also, Kip-Swings.

Retrospect: Five Weeks on the School Plan

I examine my training and nutrition over the past five weeks in the light of my “never on a school night” plan, which I established on August 23rd. The results are mixed, but I seem to be healthy and on track for good things as I move forward with the plan.

Six Moves, Ninety Reps, Eleven Minutes

The last WOD of a five week training cycle: L-Sits and a tricky met-con with six different olympic lifts. Next week I get to rest, thank God. Also, another Saturday night on the town leads to an extremely high calorie day, and a couple of different cheat items, and an excess of alcohol.


Too little sleep means a fuzzy head at the workout, resulting in, what, a kind of mushy seventeen minutes of sweat but no real measurable/comparable results. What kind of crap is that? And then, it’s Friday, so I get some drinks in me, and it becomes a cheat day. When I feel hungry after dinner, I eat more, and end up overshooting my calorie limits by almost 1200 calories.

Lost Dog, Found Dog

Troubles with dog and wife interfere with the WOD. How badly does stress impact working out? I don’t know. How badly stressed can you be?

Lordy Lordy (Robert is 40)

CrossFit Asheville member Robert turns 40 today. The WOD “celebrates” his joining our 40 and over club.

Interrupted sleep (Orion, crying in the basement again, at 3:45, 4:30, and 5:10 am). Decent nutrition yesterday, but no breakfast this morning. I was late to the workout.


Late, I rushed through. I’ll describe this week’s warm-up tomorrow. Did my push-ups (10), sit-ups (10), slow air squats to a box (10), pull-ups (10, kipping, without leaving the bar!), and knees to elbows (10).

Strength: Push Press

Previous PRs include a 1 rep 145 lbs and a 3 rep 130 lbs. I went to work on a 5 rep for today.

Results: 10 x 45 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 95 / 5 x 105 / 5 x 115 / 4 x 125, fail on 5th.

I’ll take it.

WOD: “Lordy, lordy…”

FOR TIME: 40 double unders Jump Rope (120 regular) / 40 push-ups / 40 box jumps / 40 push press (50-60% of max) / 40 power cleans (same weight)

Press/Power Clean weight: 65 lbs.

I feel like I worked hard. Really rocked out those power cleans, although I sometimes rounded my back and got on my toes. Result: 10:05.

Hacking Hacks

Me at the top of a power-clean

This was a great, high energy day for me. It started with an excellent WOD, continued with good teaching, and then finished off with some anti-malware kung-fu counter-hacking on the CrossFit Asheville Website.


Strength: Overhead Squat

I concentrated on form and had a good session. Results: 5 x 45 / 5 x 55 / 5 x 65 / 5 x 75 (PR, with form breaking down at end) / 2 x 85 (stopped because of form breaking down badly) / 5 x 65 / 5 x 65

WOD: “WP-Trouble”

It pleased me that the day got named, in tribute to the problems that emerged on the CFA website, and that I was able to help the affiliate out by getting everything to work again. For now.

3 rounds for time of:
9 pull-ups
12 burpees
15 front squats

I used 70 lbs on the front squats, determined to keep the weight in a range where my form could be good. I think I did well. Result: 9:15.

Worms in WordPress

When I arrived at the gym this morning, Randy reported that he was locked out of the site. All the PCs at the gym were seemingly allergic to the CFA blog. Anti-virus protection software was blocking it! I looked at it for a minute, and gave up. No idea. Later in the day, after Shanna got back (welcome back Shanna!) she called me up. It took a few minutes to figure out that something had indeed gone wrong with the blog. From the support pages on the web I learned about WordPress’ vulnerability to worms and malicious hacks; the prognosis did not sound good, to say the least. But a bit later in the afternoon, I got a chance to comb through the .php pages in the WordPress install, and I found a bunch of examples of malicious code, I found little tiny -iframe- codes with inclusion links to hacker sites in the index.php and wp-login.php files, for example. Deleting the code allowed me to regain access to the dashboard, and then, I upgraded the WP install, deleted a suspicious “user,” and changed everybody’s passwords. Presto! Functional blogging again. It felt good to be of service to the affiliate. If other CrossFit sites using WordPress ever become comrpomised, I’d be glad to consult.

Cure for Pain

A lazy Sunday is good for contemplation of your life. Also, it is helpful sometimes to know a surefire cure for your Saturday-induced hangover. Lucky for you I am sharing mine.