Delirium Tremens

CrossFit Asheville does the Hero WOD “D.T.,” again. I use 105#. This is up from 95# in April. I am making my way slowly towards the Rx’d 155#.

CrossFit and DOMS

Today I have the DOMS, that is, “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”.

One thing that’s amazing about CrossFit is that, when you begin the program, for the first few weeks, the WODS all seem to produce intense full-body DOMS, but later, as you adapt to the regimen, the quantity and duration of the DOMS subsides. New CrossFitters rapidly develop increased capacity for recovery. After a few weeks, one still experiences the usual, mild and local soreness associated with various lifts or activities, but full-body DOMS goes away, and most soreness doesn’t persist very long. An experienced CrossFitter, for example, might feel some soreness in the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back after a heavy deadlift day, but it quickly dissipates.

Now I’m learning that one’s capacity for recovery may itself rapidly dissipate when you go off of your intensive training regimen for a few weeks. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I spent a few weeks this summer skipping CrossFit WODs and mainly exercising through surfing, which requires strength, endurance, balance, speed, etc., but is overall far less “intense” than CrossFit. Now that I’ve returned to doing the WODS at CrossFit Asheville, after only two days I can see that my capacity for recovery was greatly diminished. Monday’s Front Squats, combined with a WOD that included 75 “Knees to Elbows,” left me tattered and torn. I was sore all over on Tuesday. But I was ready to work out the following day. Then Wednesday’s Power Snatches, combined with a WOD that emphasized dips and pull-ups, has left me totally sore today. LIKE REALLY SORE. ALL OVER. It’s truly remarkable that yesterday’s workout, which was not too long, and not too sweaty, and really not all that “difficult,” can produce a response like this in my body. I stand in awe of CrossFit as a training regime.

And I remember: “pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Snatch Like Lynne

6:00 am CrossFit Asheville WOD: “Lynne-Like”

Power Snatch

Strength and skill work was Power Snatch. I blasted past previous PRs with 5 x 45, 5 x 65, 5 x 75, 5 x 85 (PR), 5 x 95 (PR), 5 x 105 (PR).

Obviously I wasn’t really getting it before. I love the snatch!


3 rounds of Max Rep Effort:
Ring Dips followed immediately by Pull-Ups
Rest as needed between rounds.

I used a small purple band for assistance. REPS: 11 & 5, 11 & 8, 11 &10.

My hands got pretty soft during the course of my surfing adventure. The salt-water of the ocean corroded my calluses. Perhaps I could have done more Pull-Ups but I got a tear on Monday and have blisters under each callus pad at the moment. The dips felt pretty solid.

Jury Service

I knew by the end of the day yesterday that “Gorilla” was going to lay me down low today. So I changed my plan (ever the Myers-Briggs “P-type” personality that I am), deciding to take today as a rest day.

I figured, it was just as well, since I had Jury Duty and didn’t know what to expect; certainly I would have been hard-pressed, in terms of time, to get properly groomed for court after the 7:00 am WOD.

I am totally sore today! It is going to take me a few weeks to get back into top fighting form for these CrossFit WODS. I look forward to every painful minute of it, every drop of sweat, every shredded muscle fiber, even the blisters. Bring it on!

BTW, I was excused from Jury Service by 1:30 pm. Hallelujah!

Going Ape

After a decent, but short sleep, and a one block breakfast, I got to CFA by about ten minutes to six for the WOD, totally clueless about what to expect. It was fun. SO GREAT TO BE BACK.


Running H-Drills with side shuffles, low and high karaoke steps, etc. Stretching. Squats (15), Chest to Bar Pull-Ups (11, fast, with small band assist, minimal kipping), Box-Jumps (10), and… did I do anything else? Maybe I skipped the 4th part.


FRONT SQUAT (5 rep max)

5 x 45
5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135 (PR)
4 x 145 (PR for 3 rep max), failed on 5th rep.
It sure felt good to get back to the olympic lifting and still find myself capable of setting a PR.

WOD: “Gorilla”

Today’s CrossFit Asheville Met-Con WOD:
5 rounds for time:
100m grip farmer’s carry (hold dumbbell’s on wide side or plate’s from edge M-25lbs, W-15lbs)
12 kettlebell swings (M-53lbs, W-35lbs)
15 knees to elbows


PDX Four by Eight

In Portland for the day, went to the MAC very early (left 5:20 am) with my dad. Did the CrossFit Mothership WOD from a few days ago.

4 x 800 meter run


Briefly: 1 minute of karaoke side stepping on a treadmill, some wrestling floor work, squats (15), push-ups (15), sit-ups (15), pull-ups, unassisted (10). Pull-ups felt very weak.

800 meter runs


What a fun WOD.