Heavy Daze

Sunday night to Monday morning I had decent sleep. Not uninterrupted, not continuous, but enough. I got up bright and early, had a 2 block breakfast, coffee, and headed off to CFA for the morning workout at 6:00 am. I was about 2 minutes late. Something was not right in my attitude. I was glad to be there, and to continue my training, but I also kept thinking that I might need more rest. That might be it. But in retrospect, I also realize that I still have the sinus infection I mentioned last week, albeit the tail end of it. So maybe I also have a level of bodily fatigue that is contributing to my sense that I should lay off of it.

I worked hard anyway. That’s what you should do, if you’re there.

Warm Up

Some cone running, along with various footwork and bear-crawl/crab style stuff. Stretching. Push-Ups (15), Sit-Ups (15), Overhead Squats (15), Pull-Ups (10, fast, w/ purple band).

Strength: Back Squat

I figured I should work on my 5 rep max. Partly because I didn’t feel like going for my heaviest possible weight, partly because it’s a benchmark, partly because the last time I have on record of doing the “back squat” was part of a “Bear Complex” WOD back in May.

Results: 7 x 95# / 5 x 115# / 5 x 135 # / 1 x 155# / 5 x 129# / 5 x 143#. The weird sequence is due to the fact that I switched bar and rack set-up and partners after Rustan and Tom hit 155. I didn’t believe I could get 5 x 155 so I didn’t try.

Analysis: in absolute terms I seem to have lost some ground on the Back Squat, probably due to my weight loss. But I can only assume that my max rep poundage has increased as a percentage of my total body weight.

In May I did only 100# for the Bear Complex. I know damn well I could do a bit more now (125# maybe?). But in March I got a back squat 3 rep max of 175# and before that, on Saturday, March 14th, I apparently hit a 1 rep max of 195#. Both of those are substantially greater than my #143 of today. On the other hand, they do appear to be somewhere in the same ballpark. So we’ll see, going forward.

WOD: Heavy Daze

15 Deadlifts (Rx’d as 60% 1 RM), 30 Tuck-Jumps, 15 push-ups, 12 DL, 24 Tuck-Jumps, 12 Push-ups, 9 Deadlifts, 18 Tuck-Jumos, 9 push-ups

Results: I used 175# on the Deadlift (60% of 310 is 186, but I didn’t want to kill myself; also I bungled the math). Total time: 5:15. For comparison, Rustan used 155# on the D.L. and finished in well under 3 minutes. Also, I did those Tuck-Jumps ridiculously slowly at first.

Let me know what you think...