Power Washing

Thanks to Lunesta™, I got almost 8 hours of sleep (9:30 pm to 5:10 am). One block breakfast, and off to CrossFit Asheville for the 6:00 am Workout. Today’s WOD involves deadlifts and a mixture of power cleans and rounds of calisthenics ala “Cindy.”


Tight quarters this morning (the floor is being repaired). Footwork stuff, dislocates, brief stretching, followed by push-ups (15), this ab-thingie (10), overhead squats w/ pvc (15), and 1 rope ascent.


Went for a 1 rep max today. Set a PR, although it was ugly.

Results: 10 x 45; 10 x 95; 3 x 185; 1 x 225; 1 x 275; 1 x 295; 1 x 310 (PR).

WOD: Power Wash

Using D.T. weight for Cleans:
9 Power Cleans
3 rounds of Cindy
6 Power Cleans
2 rounds of Cindy
3 Power Cleans
1 round of Cindy

(Cindy is: 5 pull ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

I used 105#, same as D.T. weight from Friday. My time: 8:40. I am happy to report that, as with the last time I did Cindy, the pull-ups were unassisted.

I feel good about this workout. We’ll see what else happens today. I have my skateboarding shoes on. Hmmm….

Let me know what you think...