Going Ape

After a decent, but short sleep, and a one block breakfast, I got to CFA by about ten minutes to six for the WOD, totally clueless about what to expect. It was fun. SO GREAT TO BE BACK.


Running H-Drills with side shuffles, low and high karaoke steps, etc. Stretching. Squats (15), Chest to Bar Pull-Ups (11, fast, with small band assist, minimal kipping), Box-Jumps (10), and… did I do anything else? Maybe I skipped the 4th part.


FRONT SQUAT (5 rep max)

5 x 45
5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135 (PR)
4 x 145 (PR for 3 rep max), failed on 5th rep.
It sure felt good to get back to the olympic lifting and still find myself capable of setting a PR.

WOD: “Gorilla”

Today’s CrossFit Asheville Met-Con WOD:
5 rounds for time:
100m grip farmer’s carry (hold dumbbell’s on wide side or plate’s from edge M-25lbs, W-15lbs)
12 kettlebell swings (M-53lbs, W-35lbs)
15 knees to elbows


Let me know what you think...