Old Iron Balls

A “rest day,” with respect to surfing (which basically means my wife asked me to stay home today and help with Lena), nevertheless I got in a killer WOD, based on two recent CrossFit Asheville WODS, from today (Monday, July 20th, 2009) and from Saturday (July 18th).


Old Iron Balls: yes, this is the approximately 75-80 lb weight bar I've been using here in Arch Cape

Jump Rope (x20), Push-Ups (10), Jump-Rope (x40), Sit-Ups (10), Jump-Rope (x80), Squats (10), Jump-Rope (x160), Pull-Ups (10 w/ small resistance band); Mountain Climbers (10 per side), Burpees (5), Kipping Swings (5), Knees to Elbows (5), Surfer Get-Ups (5 per side), Ring-Dips (5).

Skill Work

Practiced Handstand, Headstand, and Handstand Push-Ups using a resistance band harness. Practiced a pull-up-bar muscle-up with a large resistance band (this is technically challenging; I did get one, however).

Strength WOD: Mini-Manson

This WOD is based on today’s CrossFit Asheville WOD, “manson.” I did it with Old Iron Balls, my too-weird-to-believe it found object weight-bar, which is either a 75 or 80 pound bar.

1-2-3-4, Deadlifts and Hang Power Cleans; 4-3-2-1, Front-Squats and Push-Presses

Results: 3 minutes 20 seconds.

Metcon WOD: Short Cindy

This one goes out to X-fit Asheville’s Saturday “Ladies’ Choice” WOD. In retrospect I could have managed a full Cindy, but I stuck to plan and did only a 15 minute “short Cindy.”

Short Cindy: AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats.

Results: 8 full rounds in 15 minutes 32 seconds.

Yes I went over the time limit in order to do 8 full rounds. If that’s not ok with the CrossFit gods perhaps I can atone later in some way.

For those of you who are counting that is: 40 pull-ups, 80 push-ups, and 120 squats. YES I DID THE PULL-UPS on this WOD without RESISTANCE BANDS … so there! (This is only the second time I have done a CrossFit WOD without band-assists on the pull-ups. My kipping pull-ups remain pretty basic, pretty shitty really, but they were there and that’s how I did 40 unassisted pull ups in a 15 minute span.

I previously did the full length Cindy two months ago on May 15th. Then: I used resistance bands for the pull-ups and did only 11 rounds in 20 minutes. Now: I did 8 rounds in 15.5 minutes (implying 10 or more rounds total) and did not use bands. I’d call that improvement.

Afterworkout: More Surfer Get-Ups

Relax… just 10 more for good measure. Hitting the waves again tomorrow AM! Yes!


  1. So glad to see a photo of Old Iron Balls! Also, I think your losing weight due to your daily alcohol consumption…that strategy seems to work for me, haha! Way to go with the pullups!

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