Iteration and Interruption (PUC 35)

I wanted to call this post “iterruption” but I figured that most people would just assume that I accidentally dropped the “n” in interruption. The word “iterruption” combines interruption with iteration. When I think back about today these two themes, iteration and interruption, dominate my thoughts, and make me think about the how both repetitive and disjointed activities (and events and movements and processes) constantly structure or complicate our lives. Repetition and planned repetition, which is practice, can increase capacity. Interruption, also, forces us to grow, as we seek self-mastery in the constantly shifting landscape of human action.

Interruption. My planned workout was interrupted during the warm up.

Warm-Up: sequence 1: Jump-Rope (x10), push-up (10), Jump-Rope (x20), sit-up (10), Jump-Rope (x40), squat (10), Jump-Rope (x80), pull-up (10 w/ small resistance band); sequence 2: Mountain Climbers (20), Burpees (5), Kipping Swings (5), Knees to Elbows (5), Ring-Dips (5). sequence 3: Clean and Jerks, 75# (10).

When I was completing the Kipping Swings the Kohnstamms arrived. I greeted them and then finished out the rest of the sequences listed here, but did not do a well-planned warm-up for the bar. I did not go on to do my planned WOD: 21-15-9 of Clean and Jerks and Box-Jumps. That’s one interruption, and I believe it worked well for me. There were others during the day… visitors, changes of plan, unexpected sudden fogs and winds, and so on. Life is a series of interruptions.

Iteration. Today I formally resumed my “Pull-Up Challenge.” What happened was this. At the start of the day, I wanted to do a set of 5 pull-ups, because I have been doing a lot of small sets of three in recent days. (I have stopped recording all the pull-ups I do — I throw in sets here and there). But then, after doing five, later I did another set of five. And then, every time I walked by the bar I stopped and did a full set of five. And then, all of a sudden, I realized I’d done six sets, or thirty reps. Pretty close to where I left off the pull-up-challenge. So I did one more set of five, leading to a resurrection of the pull-up challenge. Call that one iteration, or series of them. But there were others today as well. For instance, the main principle behind my “warm-up” is repetition. And then there’s the fact that I spent the whole day cleaning and “recovering” my space. Thus life constantly repeats itself.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 35

Technically, this was supposed to be another day 34. I actually just “owe” the system 33 reps. Anyway, over the course of about 12 hours during the day I got in seven sets of five pull-ups each. The next day, maybe tomorrow, it’s 36 pull-ups. So far, as a part of the official Pull-Up-Challenge I announced back in May, I have done 597 pull-ups. I have done many other reps of Pull-Ups, but they aren’t included in this number.

Let me know what you think...