Level Headed (CrossFit Seattle)

A Macaque Monkey at the Seattle Zoo

A Macaque Monkey at the Seattle Zoo

Gosh I slept terribly last night — tossing and turning, looking for comfort — and little nephew Hugo got up at 4:00 am and started playing on the floor RIGHT ABOVE where we were sleeping. So I guess I got between 4 and 6 hours total sleep… I’m not sure. 1 block breakfast, and off to Level 4 CrossFit Seattle for their 6:00 am group class. Before coming out West I had contacted Level 4 general manager Nancy Meenen, who was super nice and welcomed me as a drop in.

The trainer at the 6:00 am session was Matt Alford, who turned out to be a super cool guy, very high energy, and clearly a strong and fit dude. I guess you have to have all these qualities, when your day job is teaching grade school gym class (in comparison, adult CrossFitters probably have a tendency to scream a little less than 3rd graders).

Warm Up

A jog around the block (maybe 600 meters?) followed by a very interesting, Yoga-influenced warm up that combined some static stretching and dynamic movements. I wish I could have memorized the sequence of moves. Some of the stuff was pretty good. It certainly got me worked up. One thing I do remember that I liked were moves that combined PVC shoulder dislocates with forward bend stretching with snatch and overhead squat training, and another move that used the PVC pipe to facilitate ballistic leg swings. Fun stuff!


Incredibly… the strength component was to find a 15 rep (yes, 15 rep) max on the Overhead Squat. I only did about 3 full sets, I think.

15 x 20 kg
15 x 30 kg
11 x 35 kg


Turns out the OHS strength work was designed to help identify a work weight for the WOD, which I am calling “Level Headed.”

Seven rounds of:
7 x Thrusters
7 x Pull Ups
For time.
Work with a partner, each partner completes the round before moving on to the next round.

Obviously, this WOD resembles a broken down version of Fran. But it has 4 more reps than Fran, and for most people, the weights were lighter. On the other hand, I do think that the strongest and fastest Level 4 folks were actually using heavier weights than Fran and were also wearing weight vests! Holy shit.

My partner was a nice enough guy, named Bruce. He was a little slower than me, and ended up scaling down his weight for the Thrusters, but we were probably the best matched in the group, so, there it is. Our time was the slowest in the house. :-( But what are you gonna do?

Results: Thrusters: 35 kg, Pull-Ups: smallest (black) band
Total time: 12 minutes something (yes I forgot to get the exact time).

Fun in Seattle

Afterwards, we took a little trip to the Seattle Zoo with the families. Very fun.

Let me know what you think...