Family Outing / Green Lake

Short sleep, about 6 hours, from 11:00 to 5:00 am, then a leisurely day that started as a rest day. But seeing as my bro-in-law, John, wanted to go running with me on about a 3 mile route, I knew it wouldn’t be a real rest day. Turned out to be a day of heavy exertion! We took the kids to the Seattle Aquarium, and lunch on the waterfront, and grocery shopping in Pike’s Place. For much of this time I carried Lena on my back in the pack, until my already aching muscles were screaming. Then in the late afternoon, John and I ran the biking/running trail around Green Lake, which is about 3 miles. The only thing that made it a “rest day” was that we allowed ourselves to stop for water, and we didn’t keep time. Ahh. I felt pretty broke down on this run, but I still plan to work out tomorrow (Friday, July 3rd) at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle.

Laptop battery is dying. Good night!

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