The Winged M

This post actually concerns my workout from yesterday. It was a nice day in Portland. I got a decent amount of sleep, about 7 hours in total (one waking), but I did take a sleep aid, so that helped. My Dad and I rode bikes up to the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC).

The Winged M

The Winged M, symbol of the Multnomah Athletic Club

The MAC is an old hidebound Portland club, a place with fantastic facilities but with an overly exclusive and self-important air. Portlanders would understand (and for various reasons probably object to) this description. In CrossFit terms, the MAC isn’t a GloboGym, since there’s no chain of them — so I guess you would call it a LocoGym. Like so many local gyms, it too is filled with people vainly in search of fitness during long slow runs on treadmills and witless plodding on stair-climbers. Yet, from the perspective of CrossFit, there’s a lot to admire about this club. The club houses many competitive teams in a variety of sports including basketball, gymnastics, running, skiing, squash, wrestling, and many others. For the self-motivated CrossFitter they have great weights — including an olympic bar platform and a set of bumper plates (although they have an absurd “don’t drop the weights from above the knee” rule) — a proper pull-up bar, and concept II rowers.

Warm Up

2 rounds of: 100 revolutions of jump rope, 15 push-ups, 100 jump rope, 15 sit ups, 100 jump rope, 15 squats, 100 jump rope, max rep pull-ups. On the pull-ups I did one set of 7! dead hang (new PR) pull-ups, and one set of 5 (4 dead hangs and one kipping). As strong as I am, as long as I have been doing CrossFit (going on 7 months) I should be able to do more pull-ups, but… well, I am working on it.

Strength: Deadlift

Worked on finding my 5-rep max deadlift. I’m not sure I found it before I had done more than enough work sets.

5x115kg (PR)

For the metrically challenged, 115 kg = 253.5 lbs.

I felt good about these deadlifts (or, “healthlifts” as Corey and Shanna and Randy call them now): my form was pretty solid. I thank my coaches at CrossFit Asheville for helping me dial that in over the past half year.

WOD: “The Winged M”

3 rounds of:
1000 meter row
30 push-ups
For time.
Record individual 1000m times and total time.

Well, I forgot to note my start and end times exactly (I didn’t have my watch), but here are my results: Total time: about 16 minutes; rows: 3:44.2, 3:47.8, 3:50.6.

Off to Seattle

After this workout I drove the family to Seattle to visit my sister and brother in law and their family. And of course, the drive is another kind of workout! It’s going to be a great trip.

Let me know what you think...