Packing Up. PUC New Rules.

It was a day of packing and getting ready for a travel day.

So, a “rest day.” I also even got a nap. I fed myself well. I did a couple of pull-ups, for fun.

I had good numbers on my weekly weigh-in (181.0 lbs, 13% body fat), even if my weekly calorie consumption was way up for the week (3042 per day on average over the past 7 days).

My next workout day will be Tuesday AM. I plan to visit CrossFit Portland (Portland, OR) for their 6:30 am class. That should be fun. Then next Wednesday is another travel day (although I may get a chance to go early that morning and row in a scull on the Willamette river with my old friend Ben.

I probably won’t post anything on Monday, but we’ll see.

Pull-Up Challenge, New Rules

I promised to say something about the new rules for the pull-up challenge. The new rules are simple, and are two: 1) you have to complete all the reps for a day on the same calendar day, or you can’t advance to the next day in the challenge; (2) you can take as many rest days as you want.

This change in rules keeps a measure of the integrity of the game, while relaxing its pace in order to accommodate my need for recovery and fun in life. The first of the new rules puts the focus on work capacity over time, while the second one legalizes what I’ve been doing for three weeks, namely, taking more days off than on.

One final note: I accidentally skipped day 33. So the last day will be counted as day 33, and I will do day 34 again. I don’t know if that will be Tuesday, probably not, or Wednesday, probably not, or next week some time. But it will be within a week from Tuesday.

Peace out!

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