“Anna.” PUC Day 34.

I binged hard on food last night, ending up the day with nearly 3700 calories! In retrospect, this eating behavior was totally unconscious, even though I recall “deciding” to eat more, and then more, and then some more. Such behaviors could prove dangerous to my well being (i.e body fat percentage, weight, waistline, and athletic performance) if they continue. Note to self: time to reboot.

I did get some decent sleep last night. 2 block or so breakfast. And this mornin I am off to CrossFit Asheville for the 9:00 am class.

This is my last CFA class for almost 7 weeks!

Warm Up

Agility; Stretching; squats (15); push-ups (20); knees to elbows (15); pull-ups (10 w/ 8 as band assisted).


Find 3 rep max for Turkish Get Up.

3×20# kettlebell (each arm)
3×25# kettlebell (each arm)
3×30# dumbbell (e.a.)
3×35# kettlebell (e.a.)
2×40# olympic bar (35# plus 2.5# weights), only on left side, before time was called.

WOD: “Anna”

Apparently today’s CFA workout is named after one of our Level I certified members, Anna, in celebration of her birthday! I didn’t know it was her birthday during the WOD. Happy birthday Anna.

600m run
10 TGUs (5 per arm)
400m run
8 TGUs
200m run
6 TGUs
400m run
4 TGUs
600m run
2 TGUs
For time.
Use approximately 70% of your 3RM for the Turkish Get-up.

I used a 25# kettlebell.

Later, Alligator!

See you all in August, CrossFit Asheville!

Pull-Up Challenge Day 34

I’ve decided to continue on with my Pull-Up Challenge, and tonight I did 34 pull-ups. Results: 12 sets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. Alternating grips of course.

There will be new rules governing the challenge but I will discuss these in a later post.

Let me know what you think...