Training Board is…

Training Board is basically my gym notebook.

In theory, I can also blog in a more public spirited way about weightlifting, nutrition, weight loss, etc. But mostly, I just use this blog to track my workouts. And surfing.

If anything I have posted seems useful to you, let me know with a comment.

About Me

I'm a level I "sports performance certified" USAW coach, and I train, and work as a trainer at Asheville Strength and Conditioning, a great little gym here in Asheville, N.C.

I work with clients who want to get strong and fit, and am especially happy with helping older or detrained individuals.

My own training now is more focused on developing strength and using basic lifts and classic strength and conditioning techniques. A lot of the older portions of this blog deal with CrossFit and reflect my journey into fitness self-awareness. I first discovered CrossFit, back in late 2008. I learned a lot from CrossFit's "fitness as sport" model of training -- and benefited tremendously from training with my friends at CrossFit Asheville -- and furthermore I must credit my interest in CrossFit for opening my eyes to the larger world of training for strength athletics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, and other arcane approaches to moving the Iron around.

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Workouts \• June 30, 2009

The Portland Zoo

A super fun day. Woke up early here in Portland at my parents’ condo. Decent, but not great sleep (trains kept me up from 1:30 to 3:30 am). Had a 2 block bfast and then rode my Dad’s bike over to CrossFit Portland to join in their 6:30 am group session. CrossFit Portland The folks […]

Rest Days \• June 28, 2009

Packing Up. PUC New Rules.

It was a day of packing and getting ready for a travel day. So, a “rest day.” I also even got a nap. I fed myself well. I did a couple of pull-ups, for fun. I had good numbers on my weekly weigh-in (181.0 lbs, 13% body fat), even if my weekly calorie consumption was […]

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• June 27, 2009

“Anna.” PUC Day 34.

I binged hard on food last night, ending up the day with nearly 3700 calories! In retrospect, this eating behavior was totally unconscious, even though I recall “deciding” to eat more, and then more, and then some more. Such behaviors could prove dangerous to my well being (i.e body fat percentage, weight, waistline, and athletic […]

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• June 26, 2009

“No Limits”

Played poker last night with my whiskey-swilling, cigarette-smoking, pizza-scarfing comrades in vice, and I managed to escape with minimal damage (certainly no cigarettes, only two shots of whiskey, and only one slice of Papa John’s Meat Lover’s Pizza — call it a mini-cheat; it did not appreciably throw off the day’s totals). Went to bed […]

Health Reports \• June 25, 2009

Anticipation and Retrospection

Years ago, when running and Globo-gym style weightlifting were my fitness mainstays, I used to tell my running partner Alex that all our hard work wasn’t for this week, but for next week, and the week after that. You don’t go out for your Thursday morning run hoping that all your stubborn belly flab will […]

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• June 24, 2009


About 6 hours sleep. 1 block breakfast. 6:00 am CFA workout. Warm Up Agility drills; shoulder dislocates; Sampsons; hip-mobility; calf and hamstring stretching; push-ups (15); squats (15); knees-to-elbows (15); pull-ups (medium band assisted, 15). WOD: Alex The CFA WOD is “Alex”, in honor of one of our members who is leaving, after today, for the […]

CrossFit Asheville WODS \• June 23, 2009

"The Flash"

Slept in a bit, cause I could… Lena didn’t wake until after 7:00. Even with her two wakings between 12 and 1 I managed to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Cleaning around the house, breakfast was lots of coffee and “1.5″ block of food (but actually 1.5p/5f/1.5c). Note to self: that much extra […]

Workouts \• June 22, 2009

"Mini Fran." PUC Postponed.

Lousy sleep, only from 1:00 am to 6:30 am. I went to bed before 11:00 pm, but couldn’t fall asleep. Thinking about so many things. But I felt ok in the morning and I jetted off to the 7:00 am workout at CFA. No coffee. No breakfast. Only about 8 oz. of water. So I […]

Rest Days \• June 21, 2009

Day of Fathers

Today Yael let me sleep in (I slept until almost 8:00 am!). Then she brought me coffee and the Sunday NYT in bed. According to me, this is the holy trinity. Later, brunch at Jesse and V’s with their baby Annalise. Beautiful. We all went on a walk, and I had a good time walking […]

Rest Days \• June 20, 2009

Yoga to the Rescue. Swimming at the YMCA.

Crossfit is great. I love it, and, barring actual physical disability, at this point in my life I plan always to do it, or apply its principles to what I do. Did you sense the “however” approaching? Yes, it’s here. “However,” I see this morning that there are times when CrossFit will not be enough. […]

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